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We hope you will enjoy this site which aims to take you to the information you are looking for with as few unnecessary stops on route as possible.  We hope you enjoy your journey of discovery!

  • Anglo-India-Central is an online library resource to aid research on the web into all aspects of Anglo-Indian life, both historically and present day,  including the backdrop of colonial history in India. From the index on the right, or by using the search box (top right) we provide you with the links that will take you to informative sites across the web, and often to the specific page you are looking for.
  • For researchers of Family History: There is a great deal of helpful information to be found across Anglo-India-Central.  ‘Family Research’  and also ‘Research Archives’  are good places for beginners to start.  We also have a Facebook page on which you can meet friendly Anglo-Indians and post requests for information. You never know, someone may be able to help!   You may also like to share your discoveries!  Click on the big ‘F’ symbol below to go straight to the Facebook page. Or ‘T’ to go to our twitter page.
  • The site was born in 2007. It is a labour of love. At the start, we simply hoped to encourage an interest in all things Anglo-Indian, especially the interest of younger and future generations to explore their roots. Today the project is acknowledged amongst academics, researchers, writers, campaigners and associations for the way in which it is contributing to the debate about the unique place of the Anglo-Indian people in the past life of British India.
  • Whatever your interest in the Anglo-Indian story, we hope that the project will spark further curiosity and concern. We currently hold links to over 1,600 2,200 sites, from articles and contemporary records of events to original sound recordings. If your research has led you to Anglo-India-Central, see us as a junction on your journey….

Lyn and Monty | October 2012

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Anglo-India-Central really is a labour of love. No corporate organisation. No sponsorship. No funding. No bank of administrators paid by the United Nations to support the work. It is two people taking time out of busy working lives to develop the project.

We welcome all contributions in the form of donations to enable us to maintain, support and develop the platform that some people tell us is now, without question, the single most interesting resource for Anglo-Indian people anywhere on the web.

Lyn and Monty | October 2012