The Honourable James Thomason, Lieutenant-Governor N.-W. P., India, 1843-1853 A.D.

by Sir William Muir.  Published 1897  by T. & T. Clark in Edinburgh .

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Mr Thomason was appointed Leiutenant-Governor of the North-Western Provinces of India in 1843, and administered that Government until his death in 1853.  The following account was published in the Calcutta review shortly after, with a view to lay before the public the history of a great and good Administrator.  And now though after two-score years,  it may still be of interest, not only for the noble example it gives to our Indian authorities, but also as tracing the origin of Institutions that owe their birth to Thomason.

…While Thomason was only the advocate and helper of the Ganges Canal he was the originator of the Engineering College at Rookee. (p65)

Sir Cliff: The man and the music

BBC News Entertainment and Arts  20 October 2010

Sir Cliff Richard has been in show-business for over 50 years. He has had number one hits in five different decades and sold 260 million records worldwide.
Last week he celebrated his 70th birthday with the release of a new album which he performed at a series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.
He spoke to BBC Breakfast’ s Charlie Stayt about how he maintains his squeaky clean image and his plans for the future.

John Mayer – Biography

First Hand Records.

Article by Bruce Eder

John Mayer was one of those multiple-threat music talents that made most other players’ lives and career paths seem simple. Born in India, to Anglo-Indian parents, he studied classical music and had a successful career as an orchestral violinist, but gave it up to work as a composer and, later, in jazz fusion as a composer-violinist-band leader. From the mid-1960’s onward, he made his mark in the fields of jazz, progressive rock, and world music.

Russell Peters – Canadian Anglo-Indian Stand-up Comedian / Actor

“Russell Peters is already a comedy superstar in much of the world. During a recent tour of Dubai, Russell sold tickets at the rate of one ticket every two seconds – crashing all the online sales outlets as soon as the tickets went on sale.”

“My family and I are Anglo-Indian. Anglo-Indians are a community of Indians, from India who were mixed with the British when they occupied India. Both of my parents are Anglo-Indian and both of their parents were Anglo-Indians and so on. Anglo-Indians traditionally always married Anglo-Indians. Anglo-Indians are Christian (I’m Catholic, as is my mom and my brother, my dad was Anglican), which also goes back generations. The first language for Anglo-Indians is English and our communities could primarily be found in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras. This is the question that I get asked the most often and I’m always amazed as to how many Indians, especially the younger ones, don’t have a clue about our history. Go ahead and GOOGLE ‘Anglo-Indian’ and check yourself!”

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